Easy-Shipping offers you door to door service worldwide. The transport of your cargo is a responsible task and we take pride in dealing with your transport in the best and most efficient way as possible. ‘Getting things done’ and ‘taking care’ are part of our DNA, like our personalized service and hands-on mentality and approach. This enables us to build long term relationships based on trust. That’s the Easy Way: it’s our way of transport you trust!

The Easy Way: productive, personalized and proactive

You give us a call, we take care of the rest. That’s our approach in a nutshell. Based on our knowledge and years of experience with leading container ports worldwide, we are able to handle things quickly. Our procedure and our personal contact sets us apart from other companies in this business.

1. Personal contact

We would be pleased to support you with your daily business. We are strong believers in the power of personal contact and our goal is to win trust and build long term relationships with our clients. We really want to get to know their business better, in order to provide the best personalized service within our limits. The wishes and needs of our clients are always the starting point of our procedure. A needs assessment enables us to efficiently work to the goals we formulated together. That’s were we put all our energy into. Shallini: “Nothing is too difficult and I gladly accept a challenge. We switch really fast, it’s almost a sport and keeps everyone sharp.”

2. Productive

East-Shipping is known for its short lines and efficient communication, an aspect valued by both clients and the team. You don’t have to deal with multiple departments, but with a flexibel team where every team member knows the status of your transport. Marcel: “Since it’s more convenient to have the same contact during the process, we work with one person that arranges everything from offer to booking to delivery..” Personal service indeed!

3. Proactive

Team Easy-Shipping acts proactively and always strives to get the best results possible. A no nonsense attitude is the order of the day at Easy-Shipping. Maybe because of the Rotterdam roots of the company? In any case, we don’t see problems, but we face challenges. Liesette: “I’m always well informed and have a wide range of interests. This allows me to act proactively and always look ahead and a bit further. I like to get to the bottom of things and will not rest until I find the information that I need. “

Are you wondering whether we practice what we preach ?

Would you like to know more about our efficient procedure, custom solutions and personal approach? Contact us. We would love to win your trust!

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